Kafui Danku announces pregnancy

Ghanaian actress and movie producer Kafui Danku has finally confirmed she is pregnant after several speculations were being projected by the media.

Kafui made a shocking revelation that she had suffered 3 miscarriages and a still birth before her current pregnancy and was grateful for current status.

She wrote, “I prayed for this DAY and it has finally come…A NEW DAY has indeed come! After 1 still birth and 3 miscarriages. I didn’t give up. The Lord has his plans, when the time is right it will happen… And all flesh shall see it.”

Kafui has been married to a Canadian for a number of years now and fans of the actress had always thought she was focusing on her career first before starting a family.

It turns out she has been trying for a family and decided to keep her miscarriages a secret until she succeeded.

Kafui Danku, boss of ABC Productions has produced four movies; ‘I DO’, ‘Letters to My Mother’, ‘Happy Deathday’ and ‘Devil in a Dress.’


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