Hello, i’m kafui danku!

I am a focus-driven woman who holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Classics from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I was crowned Miss Greater Accra in 2004, and made it as a finalist at the Miss Ghana 2004 Pageant which started my career in the media. My debut as an actress was in 2009 and since then I have featured in a list of hit movies and Television series.

I am the co-founder of Abc Pictures Limited, a movie production company in Ghana. We produced our first movie in 2013 and so far we have 5 award-winning movies to our credit. The secret to my success is quite simple, I stay faithful to God and remain very humble, Pride is a killer.

…Being in the media industry, you would need to inspire yourself more than people inspiring you, cause when you hit the challenges that are sure to come, your self-inspiration is what pulls you through. Some days, you just need to create your own sunshine!
personal info

Name:  Kafui Danku

Date of birth:  16 August

Nationality:  Ghana

Region:   Volta Region /Ho

Phone:   Hmmmmm…Lol

Email:  [email protected]

Here’s my

What's my number 1 rule?

Honesty and Punctuality

Who inspired me to pursue my career?




Do I have siblings?

I have two. An elder sister and a younger brother but I am the best  😀

Am I married?

Yes,  I am happily married 😳

Best/Worst Subjects in School?

Loved English. My worst was Maths.

Who is my celebrity crush?

Tom Hanks with a slice of Prince Williams on the side  😉



Best way to get my attention?

Be neat, polite, smell good and very importantly, no bad breath

What do I like to watch on tv?

CNN and Documentaries. I also love

What is my biggest/weirdest fear?

Getting broke. Worst thing is when one rises and then falls.

What was my first movie?

In Acting, ‘Agony of Christ’


In Production, ‘Letters to my Mother’


If not media, what else?

Hmmmm…seriously I can’t think of anything else. There are so many departments in media. I would have to try them all.

Do I love pets?

No. But I find myself in the midst of people who do.

Favorite Musician

Stonebwoy (So humble and hardworking) and Tiwa Savage (Very persistent. Nothing stops her)


What kind of kid was I?

Good but very demanding. I always had my way around things 😀

Favorite word?

I think that would be, “Really?”

What is my one annoying habit?

I can’t help but bite my nails especially my little finger nail…Sometimes I feel sorry for the poor thing:-)

Where would I like to visit?

Guantanamo Bay:-)

What's my super power?

My smiles


Favorite Quote

“All things are possible”

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  • Favorites
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Favorite Food

Acheke and Tilapia


Favorite Books

The Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Peale
The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown


Favorite Drink

Red Wine


Favorite Color



Favorite Perfume

Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin

Givenchy's Dahlia Divin

Favorite Makeup Item

Lip Gloss


Favorite Hobby


Favorite Destination

Volta Region (So Beautiful)


Favorite Dessert

Canadian Nanaimo Cheesecake Bars


Favorite Movie

The Davinci Code


Favorite Sports

Tennis (Serena Williams and Roger Federer…I Love these two)


A Few Others...

palmnats_moisturecare_lrg 3159506

my core values

These are my beliefs. They guide me each day to be a better person. Living by them has helped me combine my passion with commitment and creativity.

My Productions
I am open to creative ideas and projects!
Adjetey Anang

Kafui perseveres and that’s one thing I really admire about her. She entered an industry in an area where it wasn’t so welcoming for women, yet she persevered against all the ‘cants and have-nots’. Also she makes her artistes on set very comfortable, she respects her colleagues a lot even if she’s a producer and that for me is an amazing quality. In an industry like ours, we need such respect among ourselves to make the work go on.

Akosua Vee
Celebrity Stylist

Very honest and blunt. She tells you her mind and also a free-spirited soul. Full of humour. One thing that makes me laugh when am around her is that little spoon she keeps in her bag always. Kafui uses no other spoon in public only hers. I love Kafui. She just generous and down to earth. Will always work with Kafui any day any time.

Ameyaw Debrah
Blogger/Freelance Journalist

Kafui Danku is a great personality and what I love about her is the fact that she tries her best to put together the best of energies to achieve the results she wants in anything she does.

Ben Brako
Legendary Artiste

I have met Ms Kafui Danku quite a few times on a working basis, and I have found her in each instance to be totally professional, pleasant and astute. I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing and recommending her.

Bernie Anti
Music producer/Documentary Filmmaker

I have known Kafui for about 5 years now, done a couple of works with her. One thing that strikes her from the rest is her creativity and patience to get the work done. In my line of work, you need patience and time to get the work done. Most producers always run against time but she is a master planner, she always has time. Kafui is also a cool-collected-calm person. One of the most humble people in the industry.

Christabel Jones
Makeup Artist, Cjz Makeover

She is the most amazing, down to earth person I’ve ever known. She’s such a beautiful soul and it’ so effortless working with her. She’s a very strong, independent woman. I admire her a lot cause she inspires me so much. She’s just awesome.

David Banjoko
Virtual Interactive Designer

Kafui’s unwavering passion for quality and success really stands her out from the crowd. Her dazzling personality is to die for. She connects with people from any level and I love that about her.

Doris Sackitey
Veteran Actor

Kafui is a great and nice young lady. Very warm and I think she’s down-to-earth as well but one thing I find striking of her is she’s hardworking and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s very consistent, very persistent and very persevering. She’s one of the top ladies we have in the country, yes, I can that much.

Elvis Crystal
Radio & TV Host / Voice Actor/ Poet & Writer

I am drawn to Kafui’s energy, she is such an astute and hearty hardworking lady whom I interviewed 3 years ago. We have since worked together on various tasks both in and outside the scope of Radio and TV, and you’ll know quality and professionalism as she exemplifies them uncompromisingly. Her work as an actress is be-charming and endearing across the continent of Africa and beyond. She is poised to reach unparalleled heights in her field, and I believe you would agree with me when you find her on your screens.

Funmi Onuma
Silverbird Cinemas Country Manager Ghana

Kafui Danku is an amazing Actress with a promising future. She’s a team player who can work with people irrespective of differences. Working with her on her movie ‘Any Other Monday’ has brought a lot of grown profound respect for her professionalism in handling issues. In addition she’s very humble and respectful.

Gh Kwaku
Celebrity Blogger

Kafui Danku is not only an amazing Actress but also one of the most adorable & hardworking people I know. I’ve had the privilege of working with her and enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve observed her for so long to catch her “not smiling” but she’s always smiling. For whatever reason, she’s always excited and that’s the trademark of a person who’s blessed.

Gilbert Asante

Kafui is always a joy to work with, she is down to earth, listens and still finds a way to embody the stature of a true Celebrity. I personally admire how she likes to be involved in my creative process and still allows me to spearhead her visions.

Grace Awe
Photographer/Film Maker, Envy Studios

Things I like about Kafui Danku. I love the way she laughs, her smile, her free – spirit, she’s funny, easy – going, and I love the fact that she is lovable. As a film maker, she has inspired me to make good movies, I can’t settle for less. Her productions are classic. #LoveKafuiDanku

Jasmine Baroudi

When i first saw you, I said to myself, “Ewe ladies are damn fine” especially with your sexy lips….lol. But when I got to know you more, I realized you are equally beautiful inside as well. And I can only help you in thanking God for your blessings and miracles. May God protect you and your family.

John Dumelo

Kafui is a woman I admire so much. Ambitious and a go-getter!

Kobi Rana

She gives the director everything he needs for a perfect job so working with her is a challenge to wow the world. She is everything one needs in a family. She is my diary.

Kunle Remi

Kafui is one of a kind, amazing, beautiful and Gracious. I worked with her once, and I will do so again. God bless your heart.

Mawuli Gavor

Queen Kaf. Can’t have enough love for this woman. By far one of the most positive minded and driven people I’ve been fortunate to call a colleague/friend. You deserve everything good that comes your way and even more. God bless your family. Love always.

Nana Ama Mcbrown

I have known Kafui for a while now. As women, we both share in the same struggles and challenges. She has such a good heart that if God would have denied her certain things, it would have been painful.

Pascal Aka
Director, Breakthrough Studios

Actress, entrepreneur and overall lovable person. Kafui is one of those rare individuals that have strength wrapped up with beauty, wisdom and humility. You just can’t help but be inspired by her presence.

Pascal Amanfo

When ambition meets tenacity and both decide to have a pretty face and an amiable spirit, then you have ‘Kafui Danku’…

Renate Dzodzomenyo
Publisher, Classic Magazine

Kafui is very simple, humble and inspiring. She is not the type of woman you can put down negatively. She has extraordinary strength, wisdom and zeal that guides her steps. I admire and support her work. Her movies are educative, entertaining and with creativity. Who wouldn’t want such a beauty and talent on her magazine cover? During the interview she answered all the questions positively with intelligence that I felt proud my readers would grab a magazine full of education. She demonstrated a sense of self -discipline, wisdom, maturity, tolerance, hard work and humility.

Richard Tettey
Film Sound Designer

I have only three words to describe her. She’s Awesome! Awesome! and Awesome! I have known Kafui for some years now and have found her to be honest, reliable, hard working, conscientious and courteous. Aside been a friend, a sister, a boss, and after working on one short and two feature movies for her, I can proudly say she is humble, easy going person, dependable, hard-working, honest, peace-loving, perfectionist, pays attention to little details and respects every body, no matter your race, colour or educational background.

Roselyn Ngissah

Working with Kafui Danku is a total experience… She has a very pleasant personality and I would use one word to summarize it all.. AWESOME…

‘Stonebwoy’ Livingstone Satekla

“Kafui is a great personality, she doubles up as a sister and a good friend. Working with her on the set of “Happy Deathday ” was an experience of supporting a good person after turning down a few other opportunities for my first professional movie role. She’s sincere and honest. All I ask is More Blessings And Life on Her Way.

Tinell Dickens

Kafui Danku is a sensational public figure with a lot more to her than meets the eye. Behind her beautiful face is a business minded, intelligent leader that has a heart for people and a bucket load of aspirations she is steadily accomplishing daily. From my experience with Kafui, I know she is a risk taker and is willing to work with new talents. She holds high standards and is a woman of excellence, hard work and perseverance.

Ada Chibuife
Kafui Danku’s Assistant/Creative Director

We started out 3 years ago on a client relationship and in a very short time we grew to have an amazing partner relationship and that’s because with my boss you don’t need a long time to love her. There are all the obvious qualities about her; humble, ever-smiling, hard working, amazing actress/producer but for me what really stands out is her free-spirit. Nothing bothers her, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. She tells me, “Ada, you can’t kill yourself” and that’s why I call her my Madam. She teaches me that life can be worry-free if you would only train your mind. I love you Madam. #UsForever

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