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Leadership must be by EXAMPLE! Leadership must INSPIRE the people.

I have come to conclude that #SilenceIsNotGolden, at least not in every situation. As public figures celebrated and seen as leaders and mentors by the public, we need to speak up in order for certain crimes to be punished or certain issues affecting us and the people who look up to us to be given attention to; but here in Ghana, public figures or “celebrities” who are supposed to have a voice that should affect change, would not speak up just because an issue does not affect them directly. It’s only in Ghana that actors, actresses, and some media personalities would not come as a group that needs each other or defend each other but rather, add to the complication in most cases.

When issues arise, sometimes we see clearly that there is an indication of a crime or there’s a violation of dignity yet we would do nothing or say nothing. We forget that the future is inevitable. I’ve said several times over when asked that Lydia Forson and Yvonne Nelson are the only actresses who sometimes speak up on issues and I think they have some really “cool heads” on their shoulders; a few honest people can attest to that; And I also think they could have done more, if others support them. The rest of us behaving like “Azui” only care about taking fancy pictures and dressing up for the next red carpet event.

Filmmakers and media personalities; These two are very powerful, many ideas are brought into the world through filmmaking, the media disseminate very powerful information that can make or unmake people. Let’s speak on things that matter. Let’s condemn acts that are criminal and inhumane even if we hate the people involved for whatever reason, let’s focus on the crime! If someone is doing something good and you know in your heart that it’s a worthy cause, why not support? Leadership must be by EXAMPLE! Leadership must INSPIRE the people.

Egbenye dze anyi .

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We are stronger when we fight together...
We are stronger when we fight together...

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