Dream Achievers Project and Kafui Danku Celebrate Successful Conclusion of Season 1, Empowering 15 Businesses to Scale Up

Accra, Ghana – March 9, 2024 – Season 1 of the Dream Achievers Project with esteemed entrepreneur and actress Kafui Danku, marked a remarkable milestone with an inspiring event held on March 9th, 2024, at the prestigious Accra Metropolitan Assembly (Omanye Hall). The event, which attracted the top 300 invited applicants from all over the 16 regions of Ghana, showcased the ingenuity and determination of entrepreneurs who stood out among over 2000 entries received for the inaugural season of the project.

The Dream Achievers Project, driven by a commitment to nurturing, empowering, supporting entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth, provided vital tools and resources to 15 selected businesses, empowering them to chart a course towards sustainable growth and success. The recipients, overwhelmed by the generosity and support extended to them, expressed profound gratitude and disbelief at the realization of their aspirations.

Among the highlights of the event was the enlightening session led by speakers from Paystack, a leading payment platform in Africa, who shared invaluable insights on navigating seamless transactions within the dynamic Ghanaian business landscape as well as a 3 personnel panel discussion which included Ms. Kafui Danku herself who spoke on leveraging on technology as a business. Ms. Kafui also spoke extensively at the latter part of the panel discussion on various tools such as Google Maps, Canva, and other insightful tools, which was crucial to the sustainablity of their ventures The attendees were excited and intrigued by the eye-opening information needed to unravel their businesses to the world.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements and potential, the following businesses emerged as the awardees and beneficiaries of the Dream Achievers Project Season 1:

1. Kharis Cuisine (Industrial Gas Oven – Large Size) – Melody Agbleator
2. McHan Cosmetics ( Soap Mixing Machine & Website Development) – Hannah Appiah
3. Pops Kitchen ( 200ml, 300ml, 500ml and 750ml of Square Jar) – Solace Lisa
4. D33D3W Kitchen ( Chest Freezer) – Yaa Boatema
5. G & G Fashion Avenue (Industrial Overlock Machine) – Grace Gbadohu
6. Selsam Couture Gh (Industrial Sowing Machine) – Samuel Selorm
7. Urica Gh (Industrial Gas Oven (Medium Size) – Eunice Ahiador
8. Monikay couture (Indsutrial Sowing Machine) – Monica Klu
9. Wigs by Tish (Mannique, Ring Light and Sowing Machine) – Leticia Okoh
10. Slice and Sip Ventures (Standing Cake Mixer) – Helena Banjoko
11. Cisca’s last detergent (Soap Mixing Ingredients) РAmanor Francisca
12. Sutherland Enterprise (100kg of Whitecorn, Weedicide, Pesticide)- Sutherland Dombo
13. Krafts Urban (Welding Machine, Drilling Machine and Angle Grinder) – Afua Afaribea Appiah
14. Wig making and revamping (Smart Mobile Phone) -Irene Ofosu-Barko
15. Eric Ventures (Mobile Money Business Table, Chair, Phone and Operational Funds) – Eric Biasseh

The Dream Achievers Project, alongside Kafui Danku, remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for business growth and development in Ghana. As Season 1 concludes on a high note, the project looks forward to continuing its mission of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and driving economic prosperity across the nation.

About Dream Achievers Project:
The Dream Achievers Project is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth through strategic initiatives and partnerships. With a focus on providing tangible support and resources, the project aims to nurture a culture of innovation and excellence, driving forward the aspirations of aspiring business leaders across Ghana.

Dream Achievers Project with Kafui Danku – Building and Empowering Ghanaian Businesses.

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