Now I can’t even smile at a man playing with a neighbour’s daughter. All these horrific rape images keep playing in my mind.

Disclaimer: Child model images used for this post was a star of my movie “I Do” and not a victim.

I shut my eyes at imaginations of a girl child somewhere in the world crying for help. I try to fathom the reasons. Do we encourage these things with our different grey shades of sex?  The kneeling, The ass slaping, The whipping, the hitting and yes, the confessions; “Say my name”, “Say I’m the best”, “Call me papi”. Does that make them want more? The urge to feel powerful.

I do wonder; Have I passed by any of these rapists on the street?  Have I expressed my gratitude to any for offering to buy me a drink?  Have I thanked any before for their patronage? Have I met any before at a premiere or an event and taken a picture with them while smiling at the camera? Are they behind the geek glasses or glass of beer?

Is any a follower on Facebook or Twitter or reading this post right now? Are you here? If you are;
Hello you,
Where do I start from? I have a lot of questions to ask? I have a lot of questions to ask. So much! I would start with the ultimate question: Why?

They are young, innocent and helpless. You shut their tiny mouths with your large hand and pin their bodies to the floor with your huge weight. Their tears, does it turn on?  Is that it? Or the struggle?

That tiny body on the floor, trying to call her mama or papa, doesn’t it sound familiar? Is the urge so deep you can’t imagine it’s your daughter or just an innocent young baby who came into the world not too long ago? It’s so tight yet you force your way. Is it the power you feel to subdue someone and have your way? Do you feel victorious because you conquered a baby? People are winning nations and companies but you feel victorious cause you won a girl child.  How much powerful can you be rated?

Let this post not change you, that’s not the point. Let their smiles do. The smiles you saw the day before you plan to take away. Their cries for Mama or Dada, their plea, their innocence and oh the confusion in their eyes. Please let these change your minds and quench the urge. No matter the satisfaction, it’s not worth it.

Think of her future you ruin with a satisfaction. She did you no wrong. All she did was trust you. All she really did was trust you. Let your conscience be the judge.

 Every girl should have a choice to give away her innocence and not have it taken from her. It’s her world. You help her shape it; not ruin it.

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Priscilla Owusu dapaah

Thats very true,their inconsiderate.Ruining their future with that stigma .

Karen Ama Sefakor Avevor

Hmmmm and the sad part is that the traumatic experience stays with them forever. God help us.

What a great piece…quite lengthy but the choice of your words pushes me to read on…..it got me very emotional but it’s worth sharing.

Hmm, Kafui I suggest u embark on a girl child project. There are alot happening, voices must be heard

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