From The Village To The Court Room - Meet The Young Successful Ceo Elsie Appau
Elsie Appau is a Lawyer, Policy Analyst and Water Governance specialist.

Hello People! Hello People! Get inspired for a great week with inspiring words from Ceo of Acreaty Ghana, Barrister Elsie Appau.

Elsie Appau is a Lawyer, Policy Analyst and Water Governance specialist. She has over 14 years work experience as a policy analyst, project management expert and social development specialist with particular expertise in water governance, gender and public financial management issues. She has good working experience with governmental organizations, private sector, civil society and grassroots organizations to alleviate poverty for sustainable economic development.

Elsie is competent in project management, policy analysis, impact assessments, conflict resolution, integrating governance and poverty reduction issues in projects, capacity building, implementation, evaluating of projects and the legal dimensions of revenue management and resettlement strategies for local or decentralized institutions. She has advised and worked on various projects which look at project management, good governance with the World Bank, African Development Bank, the UN system and several donors in Ghana and Africa.

Elsie has been involved in the development of the policy documents and guidelines for the WASH, Agricultural, Gender equality, and good governance sectors which guide the sector and sub-sectors in design, community participation, operation and maintenance of the Ghanaian essential and social systems.

She is passionate about poverty reduction and has demonstrated this throughout her career and social engagements. She was a former employee of the UNITED NATIONS. She also worked in different capacities with the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Elsie served as the Regional Business Advisor and Water Governance Specialist.

She is a Partner at Acreaty Africa and led several teams on numerous assignments. Elsie served on top governmental committees and advisory boards.

We love her life’s inspirational: Dream It. Do It. Be It.

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Wooow what a great woman.Much respect to Her.

I know her very well. She is a hardworking woman.

Hi great Ladies,

I’m so excited to watch you both. Indeed, it has been a decade. Kafui, please say hi to Elsie on my behalf. You have really made my day! One day, our paths will cross again :).

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