Dear Miss Lorde,

An infinite LOVE blooms in my HEART and my mind is filled with beautiful thoughts as I write this.

I now understand why He took His time in creating only YOU. You’re an artwork from the FINEST ARTIST . A true definition of FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made… The FINEST baby my eyes have ever beheld. You’ve made things MORE BEAUTIFUL. You’re the Designer’s ORIGINAL and a living proof of how your father and I shared our LOVE.

I hope you have your father’s eyes, so you can see the GOOD in everything. With that, you can face all things with a POSITIVE mind set. Receive ur father’s discernment, so you’ll be COMPASSIONATE … Have a BIG HEART like ur father, so you’ll EASILY FORGIVE and let go. Hope you receive our SELFLESS ways, so the Lord will bless you more than He blessed us. LAUGH a lot like me, it helps you through life. We will be the BEST of parents you’ll ever know.

I know ‘MAWU SOGBOLISA’ has already infused in your soul His love, so you will live a very LOVING, HEALTHY and LONG LIFE. He who has given you the STRENGTH to be born to take part in His beautiful creation will be your guide. You will be safe from cruelty and fear. Nothing will come to hurt you. #TheCutest #TheLordePitcher #SuperBaby

Your’s Truly,


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She is so adorable and pretty. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. .. I’m so happy for you.God Bless you and your new Angel.

Message *Awww
she’s too adorable😘😘💝💝😍😍
I pray the Lord’s blessing and protection on you both

I love dis baby,she is very cute

She’s so adorable, bless you baby girl…..

Bless Her Heart

You really inspire me.
I luv your Faith.
I pray this baby will grow like every normal baby,no evil shall be fall her either shall any plague come near her dwelling. she will be a blessing to her parents and make them proud.
Sometimes we humans do not understand God,but if we take our time and be more patient.He makes all things beautiful in His time.
May God protect your family and make you strong and more stronger.
Apke na Mawu

Message *awww such a lovely baby…..medogbeda be Mawu na n3 lam3 s3,dzidor,kpl3 l)l)….. adorable

Message *Miss lil Lorde may the Lord Almighty be with you….I wish I could see her in.person

Congratulations Kafui. She looks adorable.

Awww..she is so cute…bless her😚😘

God has definetely heard your prayer dear

Beautiful! May God bless you and your family

So cute…. Indeed in his own time he makes all things beautiful

What a lovely letter from a lovely mother to her lovely child. I thank God for your life and that of your baby.May God continue to protect you all and may the light of God continue to shine so brightly in your lives.You are a blessing Kaf.I love you so much….Cheers to more happiness….

Such an amazing piece… May all the good things you wish for your adorable child come to pass and may God bless you with even more children such as this adorable one right here

Congratulations ..Lorde is really a gift from above ..A super Icon in the making ..I love the fact that you didn’t lose hope and faith in God and now see..such inspiration to all of us! Kings shall come to her rising #WeblessGod🙏🙏

Signed ..


Such an adorable and beautiful gift from God. We thank and bless his name , for his goodness abounds forever. AMEN!

She’s truly made out of so much LOVE….such an adorable beautiful Princess.

Awwwwww she’s so cute. God bless u Miss. Lorde

Wow, soo adorable, God bless you KD

May e gud Lord guide u ol

You are heavenly blessed dear. ….Baby Lorde is so so so cute, pretty and adorable. ..

Leticia Christiansen

Hej this is leticia Christiansen lives Danmark, i just want to say ( du har en søde pige) in Danish and don’t pay any attention to people who say bad things about you the most important thing is that you are happy, am also a victim.

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