Kafui Danku suspected to be pregnant

If you know Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku, you will also know that it is quite unusual for her to go a long time without posting pictures of her sexy self.

But for several months now, the actress has been very evasive with her photo updates on her social media pages.

A glance at her Instagram page reveals a rather bland attempt to keep her page active which is fueling the rumour that the actress is seriously hiding something.

The most popular conspiracy theory is that Kafui Danku is pregnant with her first child with her husband and is trying to keep it from the eyes of the public until it arrives.

To be fair, the only pictures of her in the past few weeks have mostly been of her upper body or with something blocking her belly… like this photo she posted on her birthday.

Have you also relaised that her face looks fully than usual?

Well, we are not certain she is pregnant but from the sequence and characteristics from her recent Instagram posts, she just might be.

Kafui has been married to her Canadian husband for over two years and the pair may have stalled childbearing due to Kafui’s career.

We look forward to hearing from Kafui soon.


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