GOD Over Witches (My View)

With extreme joy, I show gratitude to my maker. With no regret, I flaunt the glory of God. I am not ashamed or afraid to testify on what God has done for me.

As a Filmmaker, lots of people look up to me and it is only right I show them the good moments of my life and the challenges  to inspire them as expected of every role model.  Many women with maternal issues now open up to me and find hope and strength in my story.

I am aware the surprise of my pregnancy photo-shoot is a headache to many. Accept a cup of chilled water as you read this piece.

A proud Ghanaian Ewe girl who strongly believes… No… Who strongly knows that witches and bad luck do not rule the world. God rules. The panic in which people live their lives because of witches is doubt of the Power of God. I know I have mentioned him a billion times already. Hey! Three miscarriages and still birth. If I don’t mention God’s name, whose name will I mention?

I am just getting started with the evidence of my testimony so fasten your seat belts for more photos.

Finally, to all my fans and women worldwide going through child birth problems; there is time for everybody to smile. May you receive your good news. Have a blessed week.

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Am encouraged and I praise God for making you share your story.

Thank you Lamra. I appreciate

You are indeed a blessing and inspiration to me. God bless u. Love u

GOD bless you too Karen

Blessed u are my wonderful sister…..more grace and favour from the most High….Amen

Amen. Thank you

Wooow,very challenging and beautiful story.There is no power that is greater than the power of God….this is what we call….standing against all odds and I am glad you never stopped calling on the name of God.Stay blessed dear…..this is just the beginning of more greater things to happen in your life.

He’s my Stand-by dear, I can’t stop. Thank you for your consistent kind words. Really appreciate

God is indeed faithful and He makes all things beautiful in His own time. You are blessed.

Bless you too Joyce. Thank you

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Your name is Praise so the praise of The Lord shall continually be in your mouth.

💃💃…Praise indeed. Thank you Esenam

All things are possible with God

Yes Daisy. Just when you think of giving up, HE shows up

Thanks so much for your encouragement. With God almighty all things re possible. God bless you more.

GOD bless you too Eunice. I hope to inspire you more with my posts right here

God has killed all your enemies for you that’s why you have seen his blessing of being a mom
We save awesome God who will never forsake us or leave us I pray God protection upon ur life and the unborn child Amen

Amen Linda. Thank you

Congratulations beautiful kafui. Indeed he perfects whatever he starts. Elohim is his name

Yes, HE very much does. Thank you

I’m so happy for you,Missy.I’m always blown away by your ENERGY…God bless u!

GOD bless you too dear. More grease to us all

Woow…very inspiring..God bless u dear

Thank you. GOD bless you too

He who has begun a good work in you will surely bring it to an expected end. God bless you Kafui.

Thank you Carol

You are indeed a testimony…God is truly a living God..no doubt about that.
God bless u

Thank you Pearl. Really appreciate

Thanks for sharing your story. You are indeed a role model

To be called a role model is a blessing. Thank you Michelle.

God never abandons his children.at His own time,he makes all things beautiful.it’s your time girl.U ARE BLESSED

Yes Paulina, You’re right, HE makes all things beautiful. Thank you for your comment.

I am touched by your story. Our God is indeed great

Thank you Maame. Yes HE is

There is no power that is greater than the power of God…… to God be the glory

Yes Helena, to HIM be Praise and Glory forever

you are blessed honey!

Thank you dear

May his name “ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST” be praised.

I’m glad your confidence in God and His ultimate Power has unwavered. He’s the only one with power over all creation. He rules supreme and I’m glad you’re shouting it out loud. Keep the praises coming and God will do more. In Him we have our substance and being. We should meet up soon. Congrats darling

All these presents for you and your unborn baby alone? Now I feel like picking seed too! Okay, this is my present for you too, consider it a poem from your cute baby inside there.

To my soon-to-be mum
with wishes for a world that’s warmth with happiness
and the joy that’s yet to fill your life

With thanks offering for conceiving and carrying me in your belly for all this while
and for your caring, and tolerating spirit
for constantly making sure I’m fed even at the expense of watching your weight
with much love, I did like to thank you for being a wonderful mum that you already are

May you have everything you’ve ever wished for
Be blessed Mum……..permanecer bendita, Mama (Spanish)
I love you……si, mama soy tee quire mucho (yes mummy, I love you dearly)

Your soon-coming child.

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